Jaime’s Bat Mitzvah

29 Sep 2015, Posted by soraya in

At Jaime’s Bat Mitzvah, we displayed a gorgeous backdrop that lit up, showing her favorite things such as tennis and music. Her initial “J” was featured in hot pink throughout the decor. Custom pillows were incorporated into the lounge area, and decorative “blinged-out” vases filled with large…

Kayla’s Bat Mitzvah

29 Sep 2015, Posted by soraya in

For Kayla’s Bat Mitzvah, every detail was customized to bring her dance theme to life, from the awesome gold and purple lounge area to the ballet-laced menu cards. We can’t forget the stunning gold manzanita trees with hanging crystals and fresh purple orchids. It was truly amazing!

Matthew’s “Gameday” Bar Mitzvah

29 Sep 2015, Posted by soraya in

For Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah, we created an ESPN “Game Day” desk for the lighted back drop, which stood behind cubbies and the white leather lounge, complete with LED tables and logo appliqué. We also featured a football themed candy bar, as well as acrylic 4 pole/black…

Matt’s Bar Mitzvah

15 Oct 2014, Posted by soraya in

Matt’s Bar Mitzvah theme was Aquarium Rock! We fused Matt’s love of music with the cool backdrop of the Camden Aquarium. Centerpieces featured drums, guitars, and pianos with dolphins, fish and seascapes. A special dais centerpiece featured all three instruments!

Sean’s Bar Mitzvah

12 May 2014, Posted by soraya in

Sean’s Bar Mitzvah featured a sports car theme. Each table had a different luxury sports car centerpiece with red, black and silver balloons coming from the center. A sports-magazine gift box held Sean’s cards, and a 2-dimensional car-themed sign-in book allowed guests to leave a…

Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah

14 Mar 2014, Posted by soraya in

Jessica had a “sweet” Bat Mitzvah day with a colorful candy theme. Rock candy centerpieces decorated each table, while oversized multi-color balloons dazzled over the dance floor. Also candy-inspired were the place cards, candlelighting item, sign-in book, and welcome sign. A personalized candy bar topped…


25 Nov 2013, Posted by soraya in

Monopoly was a perfect theme for boy-and-girl twins Josh and Hannah! Standing behind the large dais was a backdrop featuring different Monopoly items. A beautiful spiral balloon arch highlighting the various Monopoly colors went over the backdrop. A candlelighting item with both names also doubled…


20 Nov 2013, Posted by soraya in

It was peace, love and music for Samantha’s big day. Purple and pink tie-dye were the colors throughout the decor at this fun Bat Mitzvah. Centerpieces featured peace signs, hearts and musical notes, as well as coordinating balloon clusters. A centerpiece with Samantha’s name was…


20 Nov 2013, Posted by soraya in

Sam chose basketball for his Bar Mitzvah theme. Each centerpiece featured a different NBA team and player. A welcome sign stood at the place card table, along with chocolate truffle favors that doubled as place cards for the adults. Behind the dais stood a large…


13 Nov 2013, Posted by soraya in

Elliot’s Bar Mitzvah was all about flying. Centerpieces featured different modes of aviation, from military helicopters to commercial jets. At the place card table stood a “Flight Arrivals” board, and guests received luggage tags telling them where to sit. A replica of a baggage claim…